Lastolite termékek

History Of Lastolite


Lastolite was founded in 1985 and has developed from a company that manufactured the original reflecting panel into a company that now offers a very extensive portfolio of market leading products. To maintain our leading edge we make significant investments into research and development. This ensures that we can continue to launch new innovative products to meet the needs of the ever changing photo and video markets. The range features more new products than ever before. There are a number of developments and additions to our existing portfolio as well as some major new concept products.

Lastolite’s textile based products are all produced within our own manufacturing plants. Our strict quality standards enable us to deliver a world class product manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring it can withstand the repeated daily use of the most demanding user. This attention to detail and our commitment to deliver ground breaking products to the photo and video markets has lead to the Lastolite brand being sold in more than fifty-five countries world wide.

Our research and development team are continually looking at ways to further improve the way our products are manufactured. An example of this would be the rim tape we use on many of our products. It is now even stronger making the products using this tape even more durable. We have also introduced a triple stitch line on most of our products as opposed to using just one. This again adds strength and ensures the product will last for many years. Our reflective fabrics also continue to be developed to the highest specification not only for their reflective properties but also their construction which prevents cracking of the film and potential delamination. Finally to support these product improvements we have also developed a much more durable fabric for all the carry cases our products are supplied in. A high grade zipper and multiple stitch lines construction ensure they will last as long as our products.